What Is A Group Of Monkeys Called: All About Monkeys

what is a group of monkeys called

what is a group of monkeys called

When we talk about what is a group of monkeys called, the name can change based on the type of monkey. Here are some familiar names:

  1. Gang: This is the most usual name for any group of monkeys, no matter what kind they are.
  2. Crew: We use this name for many baboons, a specific type of monkey.
  3. Bunch: When monkeys move around quickly or oddly, we might call them a bunch.
  4. Mob: If many monkeys gather together, mainly if they act aggressively, they might be called a mob.
  5. Clan: When monkeys live in a particular area, like a forest or a zoo, we might call them a clan.
  6. Show: Rarely use this name for monkeys doing something special, like putting on a show.

There are more names for particular kinds of monkeys too. For example, a group of gibbons is called a “gang” or a “choir,” and a group of gorillas is called a “silverback.”

Why Do Monkeys Hang Out in Groups?

Monkeys have good reasons to live together. One reason is safety from danger. When they’re in a gang, they can spot trouble more efficiently and protect themselves better.

Monkeys stay safe from predators. 

Food is another reason. Monkeys find the food better when they search together. They can cover more ground that way.

Also, monkeys live in groups to raise their babies. With more grown-ups around, they can care for the little ones and keep them safe.

what is a group of monkeys called

Cool Facts About Monkey Gangs

The biggest gang of monkeys lives in India. It’s a bunch of rhesus macaques with over 6,000 members.

The minor gang of monkeys lives in South America. It’s a family of pygmy marmosets with only two members.

Some monkey gangs are super friendly and work well together. Others are more on their own—for example, gibbons like being social and live with up to 12 friends. Gorillas, though, are more private and stick to groups of 2-3.

In monkey gangs, some monkeys are bossier than others. The bosses get first dibs on food and picking friends.

Monkey groups chat using sounds, faces, and body moves.

The Wrap-Up

Monkeys are amazing creatures that live in all kinds of groups. The gang name for a group of monkeys changes based on the type of monkey, but we usually call them a gang. Monkeys hang out in gangs for many reasons, like staying safe from danger, finding food, and taking care of babies. Monkey gangs can be super friendly or more on their own, but either way, they’re essential.

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