The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Season 10 Episode 67

the tonight show starring jimmy fallon season 10 episode 67

the tonight show starring jimmy fallon season 10 episode 67

Featured Guests:

  • Aubrey Plaza
  • Jalyn Hall
  • Sudan Archives

Must-See Moments:

Jimmy’s Inspirational Favorites

 To start things off, the tonight show starring jimmy fallon season 10 episode 67 Jimmy shared some quotes that lifted his spirits. One that he loves? “The future is for those who see their dreams as beautiful,” originally from Eleanor Roosevelt. For Jimmy, this saying means anything’s achievable with the right mindset.

Aubrey Plaza Dives into “Emily the Criminal”

Aubrey Plaza took the stage first, discussing her latest film “, Emily the Criminal.” In it, a lady turns to crime, needing to care for her ailing mom. Aubrey found the script captivating and loved working with director John Patrick Shanley.

 Jalyn Hall’s Take on “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

 Next up, Jalyn Hall! He chatted about “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” a wacky comedy. In it, a lady learns she can tap into memories from other universes. Jalyn found the fast-paced tale thrilling to work on.

 Sudan Archives’ Uplifting “Glorious” Performance 

Musical star Sudan Archives sang “Glorious,” a song about personal joy. She penned it during tough times to bring listeners hope and strength.

Jimmy and Aubrey’s “Would You Rather?” Challenge 

Jimmy and Aubrey to play a fun “Would You Rather?” game. Questions like:

  • Fly or read minds?
  • Dinosaur pet or unicorn pet?
  • World of endless joy or endless truth? Their answers? Aubrey dreams of soaring skies, while Jimmy wishes to know what others think.
the tonight show starring jimmy fallon season 10 episode 67

Jalyn’s Musical Journey

 Jalyn, a pianist since age 5, spoke about his passion for tunes. Music equals joy and unity for him, and he hopes to use it for positive change. the tonight show starring jimmy fallon season 10 episode 67.

 Sudan Archives Rocks “I Will Survive

Another highlight? Sudan Archives covering Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive,” a song about grit and fighting spirit. She wanted listeners to feel unbeatable.

Musical Chairs with Jimmy and Fans

 The studio laughed as Jimmy and their fans danced around the chairs. The aim? Finding a seat when the music stops. It was down to the wire, but Jimmy nabbed the last chair!

Charades with Aubrey and Jalyn

 Aubrey and Jalyn took turns acting out words. No talking allowed. Both were impressive, but Aubrey clinched the win.

Tonight Show Band’s Medley Magic

 The house band played a mix of hits, from The Beatles to Beyoncé. Everyone sang along, completely captivated.

Jimmy’s Heartfelt Thanks 

Wrapping things up, Jimmy sent love to his fans. He treasures their feedback and the chance to make them smile nightly.

This episode of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show was an absolute delight. With its engaging guests and exceptional performances, kids and adults should tune in for a hearty laugh!

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