Project Bronze Forever Route 2: A Splashy Adventure

project bronze forever route 2


Get your water wings ready because Project Bronze Forever Route 2 is primarily water-based, featuring a serene river meandering through its heart.


Welcome to Route 2, the delightful short route connecting Cheshma Town and Route 3 within the renowned Project Bronze Forever! Hold your Poké Balls! Before diving into this aquatic escapade, you must finish a mission in the Gale Forest. Once that’s done, you’re good to go! This route starts from the charming bridge linking Cheshma Town and leads you to the gate of Route 3. By the way, get ready for a wet and wild ride because it’s the first route with a slope that requires the epic HM8 Rock Climb to access!


Get your water wings ready because Route 2 is primarily water-based, featuring a serene river meandering through its heart. You’ll spot a nifty bridge that allows you to stay high and dry while crossing the water, and keep an eye out for those cute little islands that dot the landscape. Want to catch some Water-type Pokémon? Look no further! There are lush patches of grass on this route, just waiting for you to reel in some watery wonders.


Bridge: Behold the star of the show – the magnificent bridge stretching over the river! It’s a real head-turner and offers a jaw-dropping view of the surrounding area. Take a moment to soak in the sights!

Rock Climb Slope: If you’re feeling adventurous, head to the left side of the route. There’s an excellent Rock Climb slope, but wait! A Rising Star guards it until you can perform the daring Rock Climb with your trusty HM8.

TMs: Hiding amidst the water and the slopes are two fabulous Technical Machines (TMs). One of them, TM11 Sunny Day, waits atop the Rock Climb slope, bringing sunshine to your battles. The other, TM52 Focus Blast, is cleverly tucked away at the end of the river channel. So, keep your eyes peeled!

Pokémon: Calling all Water-type fans! Route 2 is like a tropical paradise for Water-type Pokémon. Prepare to encounter splashy species like Goldeen, Magikarp, Barboach, and Lotad. And don’t be surprised if you bump into a few other Pokémon friends, including Tentacool, Poliwag, and Shellder, who enjoy hanging out in this aqueous haven.

Project Bronze Forever Route 2


In the blink of an eye, you’ll reach the end of Route 2, but don’t worry. This quick journey is packed with excitement! Catching Water-type Pokémon galore and enjoying the breathtaking views will leave you with a smile. The Rock Climb slope brings a fun challenge, and the hidden TMs make it all the more worthwhile. So gear up, and let’s make a splash on Route 2!

Additional Information

Time of Day: Sun’s out, trainers! Route 2 always boasts sunny weather, so bring your sunscreen and shades!

Music: The catchy and upbeat tune along Route 2 sets the perfect mood for your adventure. You might find yourself humming it long after you’ve left.

Completion: Route 2 is officially marked as “complete” once you’ve outshone Lass Jessie in battle and received the prized TM11 Sunny Day.


  • Use Rock Climb: Make sure your Pokémon knows HM8 Rock Climb for a breathtaking view from the top.
  • Look for TMs: Keep your eyes peeled for hidden treasures! TM11 Sunny Day is perched atop the Rock Climb slope, while TM52 Focus Blast awaits at the river’s end.
  • Catch Water-type Pokémon: Want a water buddy for your team? Route 2 is the place to be! Dive in and discover some unique Water-type Pokémon to join your squad!

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