A Guide to Delta Faucet’s “RP102213.pdf” | The Mighty Diverter Handle



I bought something and thought, “How do I use this?” If you’ve got your hands on Delta Faucet’s GALEONTM Models T27871 or T27971, fret not, champ. The RP102213.pdf has your back. It’s basically the “How to Be a Faucet Genius” manual in plain English.

What’s the Buzz About? The document concerns the diverter handle, set screw, and that fancy little button. Think of them as the Three Musketeers of your faucet. One controls water flow. One keeps everything tight, and the other… well, it’s a button. Everyone loves buttons.

  • Diverter Handle: Like a traffic cop, but for water. Directs flow either to your spout or shower head. It is made of hard plastic.
  • Set Screw: Stainless steel’s answer to “Why’s my handle all wobbly?” Tighten this baby up, and you’re good to go.
  • Button: Brass-made and helps the handle decide where it wants to be. It’s like the handle’s little cheerleader!

Remember when you thought chewing gum and walking was tough? Installing these parts is more accessible. But, if reading instructions feel like deciphering an alien language, consider hiring a plumber. Or your handy neighbor, Bob. He’s been looking for an excuse to come over.

Key Takeaways

  • Installation: Follow RP102213.pdf. Or if you’re like me and prefer video tutorials, there’s always YouTube. Or, again, Bob.
  • Maintenance: It’s low-key. Just do occasional checks for wear. If the handle acts up, blame the set screw.
  • Troubleshooting: Is the diverter acting funny? Check the doc. Still, trying to understand? Call Delta Faucet. They’re like the faucet whisperers.

DIY Time! 🛠️ Save some moolah and tap into your inner handyman. It’s rewarding, plus you get to flaunt your skills. And if things go south, well, there’s always Bob.


Styling & Shining 

Design-wise, the diverter handle offers various colors and finishes. Mix and match until your bathroom looks snazzy.

Durability & Warranty 

These components won’t give up on you after a couple of dance numbers in the shower. They’re in it for the long haul. And guess what? A one-year warranty got your back.

Customer Service:

 Delta Faucet’s team is a call away if you ever feel lonely or need clarification about your faucet. But don’t call them for the desolate part.

Environment Alert! 

Turns out, your diverter handle isn’t just a pretty face. It helps you save water. So, channel your inner Captain Planet and save the Earth, one shower at a time.

Safety & Comfort

The handle ensures you don’t accidentally unleash a water monster in the bathroom. Plus, it’s ergonomically friendly. That’s fancy speak for “it’s comfy.”


Thank you for the diverter handle if your faucet could talk. It’s like giving it a cool new stylish, and functional toy. Whether you’re an eco-warrior, a DIY enthusiast, or just someone who likes their bathroom looking fab, the RP102213.pdf is your new best friend. And remember, always keep Bob on speed dial. 😉

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