A good Person Showtimes, Tickets, and All You Need to Know

a good person showtimes


Tick-Tock, When’s the Clock for “A Good Person”? The much-talked-about movie “a good person showtimes” is currently on the roll in select cinemas. Want to know where and when to catch it? Hop over to the film’s website for all the juicy details. The silver screen awaits!

Got a Schedule? What’s the Riddle? Does the rooster’s crow get you up, or are you a night owl? Fret not, “A Good Person” plays at a time for everyone! Check out the exact screening times on the film’s website for morning, noon, or night. After all, movies and popcorn are love stories for all times of day, right?

How Much is Too Much for a Ticket to Another World? Movie tickets these days can cost an arm and a leg, but this isn’t a blockbuster superhero film! Typically, you’ll find your wallet lighter by $10 to $15. For a precise hit to your budget, navigate to the theatre’s website.

Ticket Buying Guide: It’s as Easy as Pie! What’s the easiest way to get your hands on those coveted tickets? You could be old-fashioned and march to the theater’s box office or go modern and buy online or via phone. Are you feeling a little adventurous? You can get them from third-party vendors like Fandango or MovieTickets.com – the choice is yours!

Public Opinion: Is “A Good Person” Really Good? Praise for “A Good Person” is pouring in, with critics giving it a big thumbs up. Sporting a fabulous 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a solid 7.5/10 on IMDb, this film is sizzling on the review circuit.

Did You Know… “A Good Person,” directed by the dynamic Radu Jude and featuring Bogdan Dumitrache, Ioana Iacob, and Marin Grigore, is a daring satire on the Romanian political arena. Premiering at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, it walked away with the prestigious Jury Prize. Not too shabby.


A Peek into “A Good Person” Presenting a scathing critique of corruption, “A Good Person” follows the trials and tribulations of Cristi, a history teacher embroiled in a severe accusation. The film portrays a disturbing picture of a rotting political system but does it with finesse, great acting, and striking cinematography. Remember to keep the popcorn bowl close – some scenes might be slow!

My Two Cents on “A Good Person” Overall, “A Good Person” is a feast for thought, leaving you stirred and contemplative, looking for something to stretch your mind this weekend. This might be your ticket! But this could be heavy if you’re after lighthearted fun. It’s not a movie about kittens playing, after all.

Free Viewing? Yes, Please! If you fancy watching “A Good Person” from the comfort of your own home, and even better, for free, keep an eye out for streaming services offering it. But beware, you might have to deal with pesky ads popping up! If you’d rather avoid these, consider Hulu or HBO Max subscriptions.

Is “A Good Person” Worth Your Time? “A Good Person” is a well-crafted film that conveys a powerful message. It’s not all perfect, though – the pacing could be snappier, and some viewers might find the political commentary a tad overwhelming. But if you’re after a thought-provoking experience, “A Good Person” definitely ticks the box.

Wrapping Up All things considered, “A Good Person” is a movie that makes a statement. It’s more than just a two-hour escape – it’s a journey that will make you ponder long after the credits roll. If that sounds like your idea of fun, go for it! If not, there’s always the latest animated blockbuster. Happy movie-watching!

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